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  • Miguel Angel Furones

    Miguel Angel Furones


    My message to those who complete their studies now: "Never give up. Find your personal way to connect with the consumer to sell a unique product, which is yourself".

  • Alvaro Pérez

    Alvaro Pérez

    IO COMMUNITY EL PASO, Director and Design Manager, CENP Graphic Design Grad...

    We need to see ourselves as professionals in training, more than just as students. Once you complete your course, do not forget to read and continue learning.

  • Alvaro-Blanco

    Alvaro Blanco

    Marketing and Commercial Management, EL CORTE INGLES Group, CENP Marketing ...

    I can proudly say that a large group of CENP graduates, my classmates, are working in leading companies and occupy positions of great responsibility.

  • Ana Fernández Pecci

    Ana Fernández Pecci

    Ana Fernandez Pecci General Manager VIAJES MORELLA, CENP Tourism Graduate.

    CENP, as the first Tourism school in Spain, offers students a wide range of internships. The school is deeply involved in the development of specialized training in our sector

  • Jesus-Grille

    Jesús Grille

    Accounts and Clients Services Manager, ALBERTINA, CENP Advertising and Mark...

    I’ve always believed, and my professional experience has confirmed it, that many people who study at university do not acquire as much knowledge as students at CENP. I had the opportunity to learn in a much more practical way about the business of advertising.

  • José Marrazo

    José Luis Marrazo

    Copy Agencia Ruiz Nicoli, CENP Advertising Graduate.

    Keep your minds open, travel, learn languages, study music, observe a lot of art. "Your future ads will be made of little pieces of experiences and a lot of what you have learned at CENP, and seen around". "If you have the opportunity to do a training in an agency, take it as the best...