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CENTRO ESPAÑOL DE NUEVAS PROFESIONES, CENP, is a private teaching centre, founded in Madrid in 1957 and with a branch in La Coruna (since 1967). CENP’s principal objective, defined form the very start, is the higher education of young people in emerging professional areas in the knowledge that education is the key element to develop skills such as leadership, creativity and adaptation to change.


  • José Marrazo
    José Luis MarrazoCopy Agencia Ruiz Nicoli, CENP Advertising Graduate.

    "Keep your minds open, travel, learn languages, study music, observe a lot of art. "Your future ads will be made of little pieces of experiences and a lot of what you have learned at CENP, and seen around". "If you have the opportunity to do a training in an agency, take it as the best Master programme that you can do"."

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