Keys for entrepreneurs




A great event at CENP, a must for students who wish to start their own business upon graduation.

Efrén Miranda, founder of The Entreprenurial Club and Dinnorah Suárez, founder of CS Consulting, have discussed the more frequent mistakes when starting a new business.  They’ve also explained how and where to get funding. Esther Molina and Ana Sepúlveda, founders of, have provided useful information on how to communicate an idea through the media, does and dont’s.  Two former CENP graduates Relandy Izabel Neto, founder of Dictum Idiomas and Carmen Martín Schimer, founder of Viajes Mayrit, have reported their experiences, worries, uncertainties and final success, as entrepreneurs.  After the event, all the attendants have gathered and shared comments, ideas and projects during a cocktail served at the college.