Congratulations Sara Verdejo!

12/ 4/2018

Sara Verdejo Polo, a year 4 Graphic Design student at CENP, has provided the logo project justification developed for the Secretariat of the National Plan on Aids:

Tow links in a chain has been the logo selected for the “Social Pact for the non-discrimination and equal treatment associated to HIV”

The chain is formed by pieces linked to each other to form an articulated set which represents all the social and institutional agents that are linked to move forward in the protection against discrimination of the people infected with HIV.

This chain represents strength combined with flexibility because the Social Pact will not be rigid and enclosed, but rather it will be in constant movement, progression and transformation and that’s the reason why the Social Pact logo shows links that are open.

It also symbolizes the “chain reaction”, the sequence of events related to each other that will be developed within the framework of this pact.

The colors chosen for the logo are: red for its association with the HIV infection and Aids, and for the passion and strength behind this Social Pact; blue for its relation to perseverance and trust of all the agents involved; purple represents gender equality, but also the awareness of freedom and dignity; and finally pink because this color belongs to the world of dreams, hopes and illusions, which is how this initiative is launched, with a great deal of hope and illusion to guarantee respect to human rights and equal opportunities for people with HIV.


Great job, Sara!