06/ 1/2013

1.- It guarantees a job.  In Spain, over 10% of the employment is directly or indirectly related to the tourism sector, and less than a 10% of university students are doing Tourism studies.

2.- You will become part of an industry in which Spain is a leader, and a reference worldwide.

3.-  It offers a wide range of professional internships for students to facilitate your final professional decision.

4.-  Foreign languages, company management, liberal arts, travel agencies, hospitality, tourist guides, human resources... and an incredible range of courses that will surely allow you to find your vocation, regardless of your hobbies, while you learn about their use in the professional world.

5.-  You will learn to adapt to a constantly changing world, which is able to combine the new technologies and the human knowledge.

6.-  The degree will give you the opportunity to establish your own company, can you imagine?

7.-  Your profession will allow you to travel and discover other cultures and places.  You will be in constant connection with people from all over the world.

8.-  You will make possible the illusions of many people who cannot wait to go on holidays.

9.- Tourism is an instrument of PEACE and international understanding.

10.- You will collaborate in the development of  the less fortunate areas of the planet, by successfully managing a sustainable tourism