Spanish for Tourism

A practical course which combines Spanish language lessons with seminars, cultural visits, gastronomy and excursions, with the aim to introduce the student into the fascinating world of Tourism, an industry in which Spain is a leader worldwide.

CENP, founder of the first Tourism School in Spain, has an excellent reputation in the industry and offers you an attractive programme full of possibilities.

Our schools are located in the city centers, in residential university areas, safe and well served by public transport.

  • SCHOOL :
    Madrid, A Corunna
    Face to face course
Objectives :

An immersion in "Spanish" and "Tourism", so the student may achieve communication skills in various situations at the same time as he/she enjoys him/herself learning about the main tourism attractive features in our country.

To make our students develop communication skills in Spanish.

To learn about and live "Spanish" inside and outside school.

To instruct to achieve understanding

Diploma :

CENP certificate of achievement

Student’s profile :

Tourism students and instructors

Lovers of Spanish culture

People with cultural interest and Little time, who want to learn by immersion, in a fun and practical manner.

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