General Spanish- Preparatory Course for Programmes at CENP

Course for those who are considering the possibility of achieving professional qualification in Spain.

At CENP, we have put together a programme that lets students learn or improve the language while at the same time encourages their complete integration with Spanish students within a university climate, learning and participating alongside them in the academic programmes that CENP offers in the fields of Tourism, Marketing, Advertising, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Office Administration or Fine Arts and Antiquarian Studies.

Our schools are located in the city centers, in residential university areas, safe and well served by public transport.

  • SCHOOL :
    Madrid, A Corunna
    Face to face course
Objectives :

To make our students develop communication skills in Spanish.

To learn about and live "Spanish" inside and outside school.

To instruct to achieve understanding

Diploma :

CENP certificate of achievement

Student’s profile :

Level: minimum required B1

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