Public Relations

Three year programme


1961. First Public Relations School in Spain

  • SCHOOL :
    Madrid, A Corunna
    Face to face course

Three-year course which can be extended to degree level in the British educational system.
The image of a company or corporation is a key factor that determines its position in the market place. The work of Public Relations is to act upon this image, improve the company’s corporate identity and produce messages aimed to internal and external publics. The organization of promotional events and activities also requires the use of well defined techniques which are the responsibility of Public Relations.
CENP’s Public Relations programme trains students to become successful professionals that are flexible and master the latest trends marked by the market. A good PR professional needs to be prepared to adapt to the changes introduced in the market and be able to project the values of the company he/she works for.

Diploma :

CENP Public Relation Degree

Notes :




Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations students may enter the combined courses programme.

BA Hons in International Business Communication

Offered by the University of Central Lancashire

One year programme. Taught at CENP in Madrid.

The course is particularly interesting for Public Relations CENP diploma holders that need to develop language, business and cross-cultural skills.

The course will deal with matters regarding the role of the international manager and the tools necessary to develop management skills in international and intercultural contexts.

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