Three year Programme


Since 1969

  • SCHOOL :
    Madrid, A Corunna
    Face to face course

Three-year course which can be extended to degree level in the British educational system.

Objectives :

Companies have witnessed a shifting in the economy, away from its focus on production towards one which is consumer-oriented. To produce adequately has ceased to be a problem; the challenge now is to sell. This has necessarily placed the centre of attention in the "customer". To find out what the customer needs and wants to buy, and therefore develop the right product, at the right price, utilising the most effective channels of distribution, with the ideal presentation and promotion, and then obtaining the consumer’s feedback, is the great role of marketing in today’s business world.
Modern-day businesses require professionals who possess a creative imagination, and who exemplify positive thinking and action. They must know the movement and necessities of the market and be capable of directing and mapping the company’s commercial strategies.
Marketing specialist must be able to predict market trends and carry out effective marketing research. They must define the company’s policies as to markets, products, distribution, promotion, and sales. They must be able to program all of the company’s commercial activities and take the responsibility for their implementation and execution.
This is the ambitious and exciting task which faces the specialist in marketing.

Diploma :

CENP Marketing Degree

Notes :




Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations students may enter the combined courses programme.

BA Hons in International Business Communication

Offered by the University of Central Lancashire

One year programme. Taught at CENP in Madrid.

The course is particularly interesting for Marketing CENP diploma holders that need to develop language, business and cross-cultural skills.

The course will deal with matters regarding the role of the international manager and the tools necessary to develop management skills in international and intercultural contexts.

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