International Business Communication

UCLan. Direct entry into top up year.

Offered by University of Central Lancashire. Taught in Spain, Madrid, by CENP.

  • SCHOOL :
    Face to face course

This course provides an excellent opportunity for international students to study an exciting combination of business, culture and language. You will develop a high degree of competence in English language, and communication skills. You will also understand the role of the international manager and the skills required to manage successfully in international and intercultural contexts. You will have the opportunity to study specialist content modules in a wide range of business topics as well as develop the necessary project management and research skills in order to undertake a range of business projects.

Taught in English at CENP in Madrid.

Objectives :

By the end of the course, successful students will have:

  • Gained a high level of linguistic skills, allowing them to communicate with a high degree of fluency, property and accuracy In International business contexts.
  • Further developed their understanding and awareness of British culture and society.
  • Gained a mature awareness of international business and commercial culture and procedures, and an awareness of the role of Language In defining that culture.
  • Developed critical awareness of the challenges associated with developing strategies for managing the operations of enterprises whose activities cross national boundaries.
  • Developed a range of interpersonal skills, critical self awareness and problem solving abilities which will prepare them for a managerial career in linguistically and culturally diverse organizations, and for lifelong learning and development in a rapidly evolving global business environment.
Diploma :


Central Lancashire University, U.K.

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