CENP School of Design, founded in 1961, is proud to offer 56 years extended experience in the training of design professionals.

CENP is currently an official private teaching institution in Design, fully adapted to the European Frame of Higher Education.

  • SCHOOL :
    Face to face course

In this programme, students will learn how to convert their own sense of good taste into professional techniques which will permit them to succeed in a field of enormous possibilities.

Making our day-to-day life more comfortable and pleasant by the appropriate organisation of space; using light effectively to create a desired ambience; combining practical considerations with the principles of arts and aesthetics in our private or professional habitats – these are the concerns of the interior designer, whose importance in our society grows day by day.

With the goal of achieving the greatest advances in their training, the students of Interior Design will be familiarised not only with the design principles of closed, interior spaces, but also with a variety of construction techniques, processes and materials.

Given the nature of the programme, students will, from their first year on, be assembling their own professional portfolios, with samples of the work they have done throughout the course. This will be of vital importance when pursuing other complementary studies, or when eventually applying for their first jobs.

Diploma :

Degree in Interior Design and the European Supplement Certificate.

Collaborating Institutions :

Madrid Association of Interior Decorators & Interior Architects.

Notes :

Our International Office will be available to support students with special requests and specific needs.

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