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Study areas

  • Tourism

    LogoCENP is a member of United Nations World Tourism Organization as Affiliate Member, it is also a member of UNWTOs Knowledge Network. FIRST TOURISM SCHOOL IN SPAIN. Founded in 1957, CENP has been training tourism professionals for over 50 years.
    CENP Tourism University College graduation, Madrid

  • Design

    Design School logo, CENPCENP School of Design has over 50 years successful experience training design professionals. . CENP is currently an accredited private institution in Design, fully adapted to the European Frame of Higher Education.
    CENP School of Design, Madrid

  • Art

    Antiquarian Studies School logo, CENP Madrid
    1982 First School of Antiquarian Studies in Spain

    CENP Guided visits at FERIARTE, art exhibit, Ifema, Madrid.

  • Security, Information and Intelligence

    Security, Information and Intelligence School logo, CENP, Madrid. The program in Private Security adapts to the needs of national and international markets, which nowadays require extended training.
    The business world and the world of information and intelligence demand professionals trained in skills that involve strategic counseling, business and economic intelligence, together with knowledge management.

  • Spanish as a Foreign Language -ELE-

    Since 1957 CENP has been offering education and training for the young. CENP’s Spanish Language School encourages the complete integration of its students with Spanish students within a university climate, learning and participating alongside them in activities and trips, and so ensuring the complete immersion in the Spanish language and culture. Our schools are located in the city centers, in residential university areas, safe and well served by public transport. Courses at CENPPrices and re...