FOUR-YEAR PROGRAMME. 240 ECTS - University Diploma

First School of Tourism in Spain.

In 1957, CENP founded the first School of Tourism in Spain and since then has been unceasingly providing training for the tourism industry. It is, at the same time, a founding member of the World Association for Professional Training in Tourism (WAPTT).

Career Opportunities :

Listed here are some of the professional opportunities for those Tourism Graduates.

  • In the travel industry: travel agencies; tour operators; charter companies.
  • In the hotel and catering industry: hotels and hotel chains; tourist resorts (alpine, coastal, rural); convention centres; vacation centres.
  • In tourist attractions and related businesses: artistic and cultural heritage sites; nature parks; amusement and theme parks; fairs, conferences and expositions.
  • In the transport sector: airlines; car and coach hire agencies; railway companies; ferries and cruise ships.
  • With tourist information providers and Tourist Administrations.


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