FOUR-YEAR PROGRAMME. 240 ECTS - University Diploma

First School of Tourism in Spain.

In 1957, CENP founded the first School of Tourism in Spain and since then has been unceasingly providing training for the tourism industry. It is, at the same time, a founding member of the World Association for Professional Training in Tourism (WAPTT).

Course structure :
Subjects ECTS
Introduction to Tourism 6
Sociology of Tourism 6
Introduction to Economics 6
Business Economics 6
Law 6
Tourism Geography 6
Tourism Promotion and Communication Skills 6
Cultural Heritage 6
Information Technology 6
Modern Language: English 6
Financial Accounting 6
Tourist Intermediation and Transport I 6
Tourism Marketing 6
Regional Tourism Resources 6
Statistics 6
Hospitality and Catering I 6
Cost Accounting 6
Heritage Interpretation 6
Managing Human Resources 6
First Modern Language I: English 6
Second Modern Language I: French or German 6
Tourist Intermediation and Transport II 6
Tourism Research Methods and Techniques 6
Heritage Management for Tourism 6
Financial Statement Analysis 6
Hospitality and Catering II 6
ITCs for Tourism 6
Tourism Taxation 6
Creating and Managing Tourism Companies 6
The Image of Tourist Products and Destinations in the Media 6
First Modern Language II: English 6
Second Modern Language II: French or German 6
Tourist Product Commercialisation 6
Tourism and Governance 6
Quality Management 6
Strategic Tourism Business Management 6
English in the work place
Second Modern Language III: French or German 6
Final Dissertation 6
Work Placement 24
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