Three year programme

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1961. First School of Advertising in Spain

Career Opportunities :

There are three major sectors which offer career opportunities to our graduates: company publicity departments, advertising agencies, and the media, each dynamic in its own right, and the trained specialist will be able to choose the specific area in which to exercise the skills he or she has acquired

? Company publicity departments: the thousands of companies (manufacturers of consumer products or industrial goods, distribution and sales companies, service companies, and many others) which seek to place their products or services in the marketplace by means of advertising and which therefore require highly-trained specialists.

? Advertising agencies: the many enterprises which plan, manage, create, program, and carry out advertising, and which offer a variety of positions, such as: Accounts Executive, Copy Writers, Creative and Media Executives, etc.

? The media: that is, the providers of advertising time or space; Internet, newspaper advertising departments, magazines, television networks, radio stations, etc.

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